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Watch Ted Online Now onto the somewhat normal human Bellefleur clan. No more Mr. Nice Terry! Patrick definitely has him wired. What is with this story of their squad’s homes being burned? I mean, hopefully they are going somewhere interesting with this new storyline. The storyline with the baby started off well, but kind of fizzled out. And a big congrats to Andy for finally scoring! Meeting that fairy got his juices flowing again! Lets see, did I miss anything important? Mentioned Tara, yes. Bill and Eric, yes. The Authority… well we didn’t get to meet their new leader yet, so pass. Jason and Jessica, yes. No, Hoyt wasn’t worth mentioning. Could have talked more about Sookie, but I’m sure I will do plenty of that as the season unfolds. What did I miss? Of course, the King will return! How could I forget about such an awesome character? They can’t bring back Franklin (yes I will never let that go), but I can’t wait to see the King back in action.

I couldn’t believe they got rid of him in Watch Ted Online the first place. It will be interesting to see what he has in store for all our favorite characters. With all that being said, it was a good start to the season. I could have gone without seeing Sam and Andy’s asses, but you can’t have it all. This should be an interesting season now that the focus should be on this cast of characters. No introduction of wolves, witches, and werepanthers to distract us. Just some good vampire fun with some wolves and shifters on the side. It will be good to only wait a week as opposed to months, so I will catch you after next week’s episode. In the meantime, I’m going to think about whom I would want as my maker!

Watch Ted Online Elsewhere, Bill, Eric and Nora, after being recently captured, find themselves at the headquarters of the Vampire Authority. Finding themselves in cages next to a former baby doctor vampire, the high-tech equipment makes sure that no vampire life is safe in their underground prison. Attached to a special liquid silver drip, Bill is questioned by one of the councilmembers of the Vampire Authority. Holding an ancient manuscript of vampire text, the Vampire councilman wants to make it absolutely clear that Bill knows the position they’re in: Humans are made for food, not for love.

Unable to eat from Marcus, Alcide is Watch Ted Online confronted by the former pack leader’s mother. After telling the pack to find a different pack leader, Alcide makes him way back to town. Later making an appearance at Luna’s house, Marcus’ mother attempts to visit her granddaughter. With a visibly beaten Sam waiting then, Marcus’ mother is turned away – but not before she stresses to Luna the fact that her daughter is part wolf. After making her exit, Luna makes it very clear to Sam that he either "has her back or not.” Upon hearing a noise from her daughter’s room, Luna finds out that her daughter has transformed into a werewolf.
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